The Reddit engineering team has been hard at work creating an amazing new web experience at https://sh.reddit.com.

They are, however, almost certainly being hamstrung by short-sighted business decisions that result in a website bloated with third-party scripts and stuffed full of awful UX patterns that degrade the web experience and promote their native app.

Sheddit leans in to this hard work and ensures that the experience at https://sh.reddit.com is used whenever possible. When using Reddit at this address, Sheddit also blocks and removes what we consider dark UX patterns and attempts improve upon the experience.


Sheddit has launched with the following features which we'll be adding to and updating very soon

Improved experience

Sheddit removes the following features and experiences:

  • Bloat removal: all unnecessary scripts, styles and requests are blocked and/or removed, drastically improving performance
  • Promoted posts: ads in disguise (we understand that some people may have moral objections to the blocking of these elements so this will made configurable as a priority)
  • Promoted communities: while sometimes useful, after discovering your core communities, these posts become extremely noisey
  • NSFW post blocking: on mobile devices, NSFW posts do not contain a button to view the content, which Sheddit adds automatically

We plan to make all of these actions configurable in the near future

Layout improvements

  • Right-hand side controls: controls for posts and comments are laid out on the right-hand side (we appreciate that this may be inconvenient for left-handed people and this will be made configurable as a priority)
  • Full-bleed media: images and videos in posts are displayed all the way to the edge of the screen and rounded corners are removed
  • True dark mode: the website is presented using a deep black colour palette
  • Overly-visual controls removed: controls on posts have been stripped back

Enhanced link sharing

Sheddit provides rich content links through our URL resolver at https://re.shedd.it which can take any Reddit path and resolve the correct Opengraph resource. This functionality is currently missing from the new Reddit web experience, so our resolver will be provided until this is released.


The main area of focus in the coming weeks will be to allow users control over the above functionality. Once this is completed, performance will be the main priority as the listing pages still suffer when getting above a certain number of posts.

If you have any ideas or feature request, please complete the feedback form.